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About Us

We help organizations

increase their brand’s presence

across the length and breadth of the country

RoadAds was conceived by the need to break through the current advertising mix of conventional media which have become monotonous, cluttered and very costly in promoting a business.

Our Mission

To fulfil our client’s geographical requirements we match our truck and tempo routes with their geographic and demographic needs and place billboard sized ads on the sides of these vehicles.

With a combination of our strong trucking and marketing expertise, Road Ads is committed to help brands gain mileage by customizing their advertising message to suit the unique tastes of the target group that reside on the route where these moving billboards ply.

By advertising on our vehicles, companies gain a higher brand recall value since they are hard to miss on the road and increase the chances of viewers turning into customers.



Navratna Oil - Saarthi

"Non Traditional Media"

Navratna Oil - Saarthi

Driver Safety Campaign
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Reliance Petroleum Desh ka sacha pump

"Experiential Marketing

Navratna Oil - Saarthi

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